Managing CIUMon configurations

Managing CIUMon configurations

CIUMon can store different configurations. This is especially useful if the computer running CIUMon is connected to multiple CIUs, since it allows a separate configuration to be stored for each CIU. These configurations can be used to run multiple copies of CIUMon connecting to different CIUs, or to change which CIU a single copy of CIUMon is connected to.

Current versions of CIUMon store configurations in the registry. Older versions of CIUMon stored settings in a file in the Windows directory. The first time a newer version of CIUMon is run, it will convert old settings to a configuration called "Configuration 1", which will be loaded automatically.

On startup, CIUMon will attempt to load the configuration that was opened last. If that configuration is already in use, it will open the CIUMon Configurations window so that you can select another configuration.

To keep your configurations organized, use CIUMon's configuration management tool to identify unused configurations that can be hidden or deleted.

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