Monitoring live data related bandwidth, memory, disk usage and connection status



The status bar at the bottom of the Hyperview browser window displays a summary of bandwidth usage, memory use connected with live data, disk space used for data storage, and the current connection status with CIUMon servers.



Send/s: Shows how many data requests Hyperview is making of CIUMon per second.

Recv/s: Shows how many data updates CIUMon is sending Hyperview per second.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Without Rovisys OPC90 Server, a CIU cannot provide more than about 10-20 values per second to CIUMon or other external applications. If multiple applications or copies of Hyperview are fetching live data from the same CIU, the data bandwidth available will be shared among them. If DBDOC 10.4 is used in conjunction with Rovisys OPC90 Server, data rates of 30-100 values per second can be achieved. Rovisys OPC90 Server can be used with any CIU, including older ICI01 CIUs.

Information-noshadow.png Note: If the Recv/s value is lower than the Send/s value, this indicates that Hyperview is making requests for data faster than data can be obtained. Be aware of what other applications may be requesting live data from the same CIU, and make sure Hyperview is not requesting live data at a greater rate than necessary.


Prior to DBDOC 10.4, Watch Window trend data was loaded in entirety into Hyperview memory. Thus large datasets could impact performance. As of DBDOC 10.4, data is loaded for display on an as-needed basis, and arbitrarily large datasets can be displayed without impacting performance.

Disk Usage

Data Files:Shows how much disk space is currently used by live data files for this project (including those not currently displayed in the Watch Window).

Connection Status

Live data status icon: Shows the status of data collection.

No tool data icon ok.png Connection OK (Project Settings) CIUMon is connected using live data settings built into the project file, communications are happening, user is not blocked
No tool data icon custom.png Connection OK (Custom Settings) CIUMon is connected using local custom live data settings, communications are happening, user is not blocked
No tool data iconĀ !.png Unable to connect Cannot communicate with specified connections
No tool data icon unspecified.png No connection specified No connections have been specified in the Live Loop Setup options dialog
No tool data icon blocked.png Connection blocked User is not allowed to collect data on any of the specified connections -- they have been blocked by the DBDOC administrator
No tool data icon demo.png Demo settings Demo data is being displayed, not data from CIUMon
Hv-comm-icon-autoselect.png Autoselect in progress Hyperview is testing server lists and trying to find the best one to use. See Live Data Configuration in Hyperview for more information.
Hv-comm-icon-autoselect-failed.png Autoselect failed Hyperview could not automatically select a server list. See Live Data Configuration in Hyperview for more information.

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