Changing the horizontal or vertical plot resolution


Specifying the horizontal resolution of a plot

You can specify the horizontal resolution of the plot display by entering a number in the Plot Resolution box and clicking the Apply button or pressing the Enter key. The default value is 1.000 sec/pixel. This value specifies how many seconds of data are to be displayed in each horizontal pixel. For a "zoomed in" view of data, choose a value less than one. It is also possible to get a overview of data by entering a larger value, for example 60 to show one datapoint each minute.

No tool plot time scale 1.png

Plot Resolution set to 1 second/pixel:

This means the Watch Window will display 1 second of data per pixel in graph.

No tool plot time scale 2.png

Plot Resolution set to 10 seconds/pixel:

This means the Watch Window will display 10 seconds of data per pixel in the graph.

Information-noshadow.png Note: When there is more data than can be displayed on the plot, for example if data was collected once a second, but displayed at 10 seconds/pixel, every tenth datapoint would be displayed. Use caution when using values for Plot Resolution that are higher than the update interval. In future releases, a "data-smoothing" mode will be supported where multiple datapoints slated for display in the same pixel will be averaged when displayed.

Specifying the vertical resolution of a plot

To expand a Watch Window plot vertically, edit the block, select Specify Range in the Block Live Data Options dialog, and enter a smaller range into the associated boxes. The Watch Window will also automatically specify the range if Autoscaling is enabled.

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