Understanding when data points are connected with lines in trend plots

Datapoints are connected with a line in the Watch Window if they have good status, and if they belong to the same "data run". A data run is a set of data collected during a single Hyperview session, during which data collection has not been paused. Pausing data collection causes the current data run to end, and a new one to start.

Bad status datapoints (bad quality, error, etc.) are never connected to their neighbors.

Information-noshadow.png Note: Trend line connectivity is no longer dependent on the stale data interval.

Information-noshadow.png Note: There may be connectivity inconsistencies (generally spurious connections between datapoints in different runs) when data collected before DBDOC 10.4 is viewed in a 10.4 or later Hyperview. This is due to the data display caching mechanism that was implemented in DBDOC 10.4. Data collected earlier does not contain enough information to fully support line connectivity in cached data at all resolutions.

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