Navigating Watch Window data with the Navigation Timestrip

A navigation plot below the main plot makes it easy to move through different datasets collected at different times. This timestrip shows a birds-eye view of the entire plot, not just the portion visible in the plot of the moment. The portion of the plot visible at the moment is surrounded by a red frame in the timestrip navigation plot. The visible area can be changed by dragging the frame left or right on the timestrip navigation plot.

No tool ww datamarker window.png

With the Data Run Marker Navigation buttons you can step through data collected at different times. Watch Window data may be collected for short periods widely separated in time. It can be tricky to scroll to exactly the right spot on the plot to view a particular time. The data run markers (small green and red flags) are automatically added to the plot wherever a data run starts or ends (i.e. wherever data was paused or unpaused for a particular block). Using the data run marker buttons, you can skip from marker to marker.

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