Using a DBDOC license and computer key

On the Help menu, click DBDOC License or on the Tools menu, click DBDOC License....

Buildplus license.PNG

License Information

Your current license information is be displayed here. This includes type of license, date of issue, authorized level, number of copies, and licensed number of concurrent users.

(Note that with a temporary, 30 day license, function code database pdf files cannot be built into the M14 file.)


Adding or changing license and computer key information

On the right side of the window, your Computer Code will be displayed, along with a space to enter a Computer Key that you receive from GMCL when you authorize your copy of DBDOC.

To receive a Computer Key from GMCL:

GMCL will respond with your unique Computer Key. To apply the Computer Key:

Disabling the existing license

When you click the Kill License button, an alphanumeric code will be generated for submission to GMCL via e-mail, phone, or fax.

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