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Update DBDOC

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Why update to DBDOC 11.3?

DBDOC 11.2 includes the following notable upgrades:

  • Software licenses are now supported, for systems where using a USB dongle is impractical.
  • Graphical thumbnails can now be shown in Hyperview's table of contents.
  • Mousing over a signal line on a CAD/CLD sheet now highlights it, with a tooltip showing block number and signal quality. Clicking makes the highlight stick.
  • Hyperview can now build and display the tree of input signals to any block, or the tree of output signals starting at the block.
  • BuildPlus has been visually refreshed and rearranged for clarity.
  • Extensive improvements have been made to display of Symphony+ and 800xA PG2 graphics.
  • Improved support for automatically generated links in PDF files.
  • JPEG images are now supported in AutoCAD drawings.
  • Support for custom Function Codes (in Composer 6.5 / S+ Engineering 1.3) has been added.
  • CIUMonController now shows an indicator for whether a CIUMon instance is able to provide data.
  • CIUMon will automatically recover when RoviSys OPC90 temporarily hangs.

DBDOC 11.2 Feature Update adds to that with:

  • Improvements to S+ graphics support based on client feedback, including
    • direct links to Station block PV, SP and MA blocks in more instances,
    • handling duplicate column names in SPO tag database file
    • numerous places where appearance is improved in SPO graphics, and
    • elimination of many unnecessary live-value hotspots.
  • Improvements in documentation of custom function codes for users.
  • Ladder programs now have Static and Live Specs implemented.
  • Correction to CIUMON interaction with ABB HAOPC.
  • Various and sundry other minor fixes and additions.

For a more in-depth overview, see our full release notes .