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Update DBDOC

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Updates in DBDOC 11.4

Powerful new support for SPE 2.4 systems.

  • DBDOC now supports S+ Engineering 2.4 systems.

Initial support for AC 800M systems

  • DBDOC now supports mixed INFI 90 / AC 800M and exclusively AC 800M systems.
  • Full navigational and search support is implemented.
  • Click to see all uses of a function block, and double-click to go to its location in the configuration.
  • Multipage sequence diagrams are automatically merged for easy visualization and navigation.

Improved support for 800xA graphics

  • BBA folders as well as ASSYST folders now searched by the build system.
  • Improvements to hotspot generation, placement, and sizing.
  • Improvements to dynamic bar support, and identification of more horizontal dynamic bars.
  • Text handling improved to make search more correct and complete.

Improved support for SPlus graphics

  • Improved handling of SPO 3.3 .mimic & .bin files.
  • Many improvements to hotspot, link, and text generation and placement.

Multi-user BuildPlus buildroots.

  • Multiple users, even of different privilege levels, should now automatically see all of the same buildroots and projects.

Hyperview in a Web Browser

  • More browsing and navigation idioms supported, such as browse and synch to table of contents.
  • All dbdoc file “documents” can be accessed transparently via a regular web browser url.
  • Various and sundry bug fixes and improvements to functionality and usability.

Hyperview Search

  • Recall search results with “R” key
  • The database of a search result is now displayed in database search results.
  • Title searches are now retained after restart, for convenience.

Hyperview miscellaneous

  • Due to popular demand, Treeview Table of Contents has been fully reinstated.
  • Double click on a signal line on CAD/CLD goes to block source.

Live data

  • Blue “EXTERNAL” is no longer shown for unfetchable live data on graphics.
  • Stop fetching data for a block if Destination Node Offline error is received.

For a more in-depth overview, see our full release notes .