Module Tag Index

The Module Tag Index can be accessed by clicking on the <MODULE>T.IDX link in the appropriate Module chapter of the Table of Contents. The Module Tag Index lists all the tags used in a module. Clicking on one of these tags brings up the Block Index for the block associated with that tag, which enables you to see all the places a particular tag or tagname is used in that module. Included in this list are the places that the tag index is used (in the operator graphics) and where the source of the value of the tag is found (in the CAD drawings). This powerful concept links values in the operator graphics directly with both the database and the CAD drawings. In general, a tag index entry consists of the entry in the tag database that defines it, a trend entry if present, operator graphics entries and CAD drawing entries, one of which is an output. You can see every use of the tag by simply clicking on each tag index entry.

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