Importing a project


Importing one project

On the Tools menu, click Import and then Import Project.

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This option creates a new project from a BuildPlus import file (.bpi), as created with Export Project.

You will need to enter the location of the import file, the BuildRoot to create the project in, and a name for the project.

Instead of exporting a project to create a .bpi file, as of DBDOC version 10.4.2, when a project is built,

If the project that was exported used UNC paths (eg \\datacomputer\sharedfolder), then you should be able to build the new project by opening it and clicking the Build button. If the paths are changed from what was originally exported, you can edit the .bpi file before importing with a search+replace in your text editor of choice. Make sure, however, that it does not add a byte-order mark (BOM) to the start of the file, and this will cause BuildPlus to disbelieve the validity of the .bpi file.

Importing multiple projects

If you need to import multiple projects at once, please see "Importing BPI files via the command line", or else move some or all the projects in a BuildRoot

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