Why do I need DBDOC if I have a huge system?

  • DBDOC is of immense value when your system is huge. What does it mean to juggle 10,000 CAD or CLD sheets or more; 2000 graphics and 30,000 or more tags? These systems represent two or more CDs worth of interelated data.
  • Without DBDOC, in a huge system it is essentially impossible to cross-check that all imported blocks exist, are of the right type, have not been deleted, and are not imported more than once into a module. DBDOC takes care of all of this and more.
  • DBDOC is able to build multiple systems into a single integrated presentation that cannot be done any other way. There is nothing like it! Ask us for a referral to one of our DBDOC users with over 1 GB of DBDOC documentation.