Specifying configuration, graphics and other file locations with the Configuration Wizard


Opening Wizard

On the Build menu, click Project Wizard, or click the Buildplus wizardbutton.png button on the toolbar.

(To open Wizard directly without doing the file processing and possible new Decomposer and other database processing, for instance to add new files to the project and complete the build at another time, it's also possible to use the Run Wizard for Configuration tool.)

This opens the Project Wizard so that you can review, add or change which files are included in your project.

Wizard 1.png

For a new project, the Wizard is only accessible after the project name and databases have been selected in the Database Specification dialog. Some selections may be made automatically based on Database types already chosen.

The Wizard only needs to be run once unless file selections need to be changed.

At any time, contextual help can be obtained by clicking on the ? box in the top right corner of the dialog box, and then clicking on the subject you are wondering about.

Note: as of DBDOC 10.7, it is possible to have pdf files built-in for display in Hyperview. If your project previously included externally-linked pdf files, a PDF Documents Detected dialog may appear, allowing you to build-in any or all of your folders of pdf files. These selections can also be modified when rebuilding from Wizard.

Also, as of DBDOC 10.7, you may specify a location for .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif images to be included in S+ or PGP graphics. If your project already included S+/PGP graphics, a S+/PGP Graphics Detected dialog may appear, allowing you to specify the location of these images. These selections can also be modified when rebuilding from Wizard.

Specifying types of configuration, graphics and other files

Wizard 1.png

Click Next to continue.

Identifying where Wizard should look for files

Buildplus 14.png

"Please specify the directory where most of your Harmony files are located, then press the Apply button"

Entering paths to files

Browsing to choose paths

Adding more than one path

Red arrow alert

When you see a red arrow there may be invalid path information, which must be corrected to proceed.

(If files are located on a remote machine you can't access, it may be necesary to copy them to your local computer. If you do, don't change the directory structure as it helps BuildPlus make some automatic associations.)

If the Wizard can't find your batch,ladder, AutoCAD and/or text files, it may be helpful to specify loop, PCU and module (LPM). DBDOC BuildPlus configurator uses the following steps to find LPM for these files:

After specifying the locations of files on each page, click Next to have Wizard find your files.

Confirming File Selections

Buildplus 16.png

After selections have been made, click Finish to proceed with the build.

Buildplus runprojectoptions.PNG

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