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Why Do I Need DBDOC If I Have...?

Why do I need DBDOC if I have 800xA VB® or PG2®graphics?

  • There's no other tool like DBDOC for troubleshooting! Go directly from the tag or tagname on your 800xA® VB graphic to the CLD with just a click of the mouse.
  • DBDOC 10.5 (and later) also supports 800xA PG2® graphics by way of ABB Display Documentation, and 10.5.1 by way of the ASSYST tools for graphics closer to how they appear in your 800xA system.
  • DBDOC is read-only, and no special training or privilege is needed.
  • DBDOC cross-checks your 800xA tags against your Composer® database.
Last updated September 10, 2014
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