Launching Hyperview from a batch file

Some DBDOC administrators might want to run Hyperview from a batch file instead of a shortcut in order to make it harder for other users to change the command-line options. Assuming that Hyperview is being run from a shared folder on the local network, the batch file command to run Hyperview is:

start /D\\host\dbdoc-folder\programs\ \\host\dbdoc-folder\programs\hyperview.exe [options...]

The parameter


specifies the path to where hyperview.exe is located, where

Hyperview requires this parameter so that it can automatically load its built in application help files. If the parameter is omitted, the application help will not work.

\\host\Program Files\GMCL\DBDOC\PROGRAMS\

would need to be changed to


The /D parameter is followed by the regular command line for running Hyperview. If there are spaces in the path, the path can be enclosed in quotes.

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