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For more information about DBDOC training options:

Advanced DBDOC Training

The typical Advanced DBDOC course will be two or three days in length and combine formal sessions with relatively informal workshop sessions. The sessions will focus on ways for you to support DBDOC effectively, making it useful for more people.

We will work with you on important features of DBDOC. Special attention will be given to management of change, the analysis of our build reports and the various auxiliary reports we make, including opportunities to help us make them more useful. Ample time will be available for attendees to build a DBDOC document for a system and to work with the reports we generate.

Advanced DBDOC training topics include:

  1. DBDOC Hyperview Advanced Topics
  2. Hyperview for your General Users
  3. BuildPlus Advanced Topics
  4. Live Monitoring with CIUMon
  5. DBDOC Reports, Data and Error Analysis
  6. DBDOC Networking and Deployment
  7. Advanced Monitoring and Data Gathering
  8. One-on-one consultation
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