Update DBDOC

Update DBDOC

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Why update to DBDOC 10.7?

DBDOC 10.7 contains the following notable new features and improvements:

  • Compilation of PDF files, with tag and document links, into the M14.
  • Significant enhancements to S+ and 800xA PG2 graphics regarding display of live data and data fields including tag descriptions, engineering units, borders, and included images.
  • Support for AutoCAD 2016.
  • Extension of DMPCFG to preserve snapshots of the configuration with each build.

As well, DBDOC 10.6.1 contains­:

  • Ability to hide and restore entire Watch Window groups.
  • Much better Watch Window performance for very large groups.
  • Across the board HTML support improvements in International builds.
  • New ability to compare current and historical module load images.
  • Support for AutoCAD 2016.
  • Support for 2015 single volume function code manual and other recent two volume versions.
  • Enhanced support for SPlus and PGP, 800xA PG2.
  • Enhanced support for Chinese language in documents.
  • New errors broken lead/lag, rate limiter and integrator blocks, and duplicate local OREFs.
  • New "Symbol Reference" entry in Audit Window to show top level symbol locations on Conductor NT and PPB graphics.

Release Notes