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NERC Compliant Live Data on Business LAN

DBDOC lets you troubleshoot and view live plant data from outside your DCS LAN.

  • Laptops, notebooks, and tablet PCs, coupled with wireless LANs, gives you the ability to put DBDOC out in the field, far from AC power and networks and use DBDOC anywhere in your plant for troubleshooting and other analysis.
  • Get low bandwidth live data. DBDOC's autofocus mode automatically updates only the data you're looking at.

  • Increase live data bandwidth by multiplexing with existing CIU connections (Using RoviSys® Company's Turbo Lite® and Lite® Plus servers, you can multiplex EWS and DBDOC connections to the CIU from your DCS or business LANs. You can get more value out of the expensive CIU attached to your EWS right now. Additional real-time data becomes available with each CIU you share using RoviSys Turbo®).
Last updated January 16, 2012
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