Searching Hyperview help

On the Help Menu, click Search for help on... (shortcut F1).

This jumps to the search page of the help file.

The application help can also be searched from inside the help window.

You can also search help by clicking on a word displayed in a Hyperview document with your right mouse button, and selecting Help... from the context menu. DBDOC takes the file type, appends your selected word, and submits a query to HtmlHelp. This brings up the page of documentation if a match is made. If there is more than one match, you are asked to choose between several document titles. If there are no matches, the Help Search dialog box highlights the closest term.

If you would like to search for a substring of a word or perhaps for help on a qualifier, DBDOC provides a quick way to do that as well. Simply select, with your left mouse button, the set of characters you wish to look up, and press the ? key or choose Help... from the context menu.. Again, DBDOC will submit a query to Help, and give you a match if it finds one.

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