Re-including previously excluded files

On the Tools menu, click Project Options and navigate to the Excluded Files tab.

Project Options Excluded files.png

Files presently being excluded from processing

The files in this list are currently being excluded from the DBDOC build because a component of the build system (Hyperlink, ppa_extractor or PG2_xls_parser) has had difficulties processing them. (They are also listed in a file (HYPERLINK_CRASH_LIST.ERR, PPAEXTRACTOR_CRASH_LIST.ERR, or PG2XLS_PARSER_CRASH_LIST.ERR) in your project folder.) To try to include them in a rebuild, re-include some or all files, by selecting files from the list and clicking Apply

When there is a New Hyperlink Version Detected, BuildPlus will offer to re-include previously excluded files, in case the new Hyperlink is capable of processing them. If you don't respond within five minutes, BuildPlus will attempt to include the files.

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