Showing/hiding attributes

On a CAD or CLD, attributes can be optionally displayed.

On the View Menu, click Attributes/Tag Names (shortcut A). By right-clicking in the content pane and selecting Attributes/Tag Names, the dropdown menu gives the options of Regular, Layered and Off.

No tool specs menu.png

Regular: Displays Attributes for a particular block in plain text.

No tool show attributes 1.png

Layered: Displays Attributes for a particular block with a gray background.

No tool show attributes 2.png

Off: Turns the Attributes display off.

No tool show attributes 3.png

Toggles display of tag names and descriptions. DBDOC writes the tag name and tag description above a tagged block. Like display of specs, there is a view where the tag data is drawn directly on the sheet and a view where the tag data is drawn with a gray background. You can cycle through the views by pressing the 'A' key on your keyboard. The tag name and description are drawn from the tag databases built with the project, not from attributes within the CAD files. There is no need to do a WinCAD tag synch before building your project.

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