EXEXEC MFC/P: Extended Executive [FC90]


Spec Description
S1Configuration lockout
S2Base slave sampling period (seconds)
S3SAC/DCS interface link and configuration redundancy (see below)
S4Start-up time (seconds)
S5Logic station poll rate (seconds)
S6SOE monitor time synchronization

Format for S3

Redundancy and SAC/DAS Link

XXXX0 No redundancy
XXXX1 Redundancy
XXX0X Slave trip error mode (FC32)
XXX1X Slave trip halt
XX0XX DCS/SAC link (5kbaud)
XX1XX SAC link (40kbaud)
X0XXX Serial port RS-232 mode
X1XXX RS-485 mode
X2XXX Both
0XXXX Expander bus only
1XXXX Harmony Net only
2XXXX Both


Block Type Description
20 Real Current hour
21 Real Current minute
22 Real Current second
23 Bit
Time/date synchronization:
0 = invalid
1 = valid
24 Real Current year (0 - 99)
25 Real Current month (0 to 12)
26 Real Current day (1 to 31)
27 Real
Current day of week (1 - 7)
Sunday = 1
28 Real Reserved
29 Real Reserved