EXEC AMM 2/3: Executive Block NAMM02/IMAMM03 [FC71]


Spec Description
S1Configuration lock (see below)
S2Alarm deadband (percent of span)
S3Cable length from master to termination device (feet)
S4Blocks 1-8 minimum exception report
S5Blocks 1-8 maximum exception report
S6Blocks 9-16 minimum
S7Blocks 9-16 maximum
S8Blocks 17-24 minimum
S9Blocks 17-24 maximum
S10Blocks 25-32 minimum
S11Blocks 25-32 maximum
S12Blocks 33-40 minimum
S13Blocks 33-40 maximum
S14Blocks 41-48 minimum
S15Blocks 41-48 maximum
S16Blocks 49-56 minimum
S17Blocks 49-56 maximum
S18Blocks 57-64 minimum
S19Blocks 57-64 maximum

Format for S1

Configuration Lock


IMAMM03 termination country code

X0XUS termination:
  • NTAI02/03/04/05
  • NIAI02/03/04
X1XItalian termination:
  • NTU-7A4/20mA
  • NTU-7A4/50mA
  • NTU-7B0 RTD bridge
  • NTU-7B1 RTD bridge
  • NTU-7B2 RTD bridge

Redundancy (IMAMM03 module)

0XXNo redundant module
1XXRedundant module


Block Type Description
75 None No output