NODE STAT: Node Statistics Block [FC57]


Spec Description
S2Memory required (bytes)
S8Maximum Harmony Area Controllers (HAC)


Block Type Description
31,999 Real Options configuration (see below)
32,000 Real Reserved
32,001 Real Bytes/second transmitted by node
32,002 Real Messages/second transmitted by node
32,003 Real Bytes/second received by node
32,004 Real Bytes/second sent by node
32,005 Real Messages/second received by node
32,006 Real Messages/second sent by node
32,007 Real Exception reports/second received by node
32,008 Real Exception reports/second sent by node
32,009 Real GMI messages received by node
32,010 Real GMI messages sent by node
32,011 Real Current processing power of node
32,012 Real Bytes/second transfer from NIO to communications module
32,013 Real Bytes/second transfer from communications module to NIO
32,014 Real Messages/second transfer from NIO to communications module
32,015 Real Messages/second transfer from communications module to NIO
32,016 Real Reserved
32,017 Real Reserved
32,018 Real Reserved
32,019 Real Reserved
32,020 Real Reserved
32,021 Real Reserved
32,022 Real Reserved
32,023 Real Reserved
32,024 Real Reserved
32,025 Real Reserved

Format for Block 31,999

Network Type

XXX3 Cnet with time-stamping

Slave Hnet Cable Length

XX0X 4000m
XX1X 9000m
XX2X 7000m
XX3X 5000m
XX4X 2600m
XX5X 1600m
XX6X 1300m
XX7X 1100m

Peer-to-Peer Hnet Cable Length

X0XX 4000m
X1XX 9000m
X2XX 7000m
X3XX 5000m
X4XX 2600m
X5XX 1600m
X6XX 1300m
X7XX 1100m

Revision Check

0XXX Disabled
1XXX Enabled