CMM: Condition Monitoring [FC247]


Spec Description
S1Module address
S2Next CMM channel
S3Module channel
S4Channel type: (see below)
S5Probe type: (see below)
S6Integration: (see below)
S7Block output select
S8English/metric EU
S9Alert enable
S10Danger enable
S11Alert relay
S12Set danger relay
S13Normal alert relay state
S14Normal danger relay state
S15Vote enable
S16Set null position voltage
S17Filter low cutoff frequency
S18Filter high cutoff frequency
S19Waveform capture
S20Run-up capture
S21Run-down capture
S22Event active
S23High danger level
S24High alert level
S25Low alert level
S26Low danger level
S27Alert delay (seconds)
S28Danger delay (seconds)
S29Shift rotational direction
S30Angular position of probe
S31Angular position of event marker probe
S32Point ID
S33IP address 1
S34IP address 2
S35IP address 3
S36IP address 4
S37Sub-net mask 1
S38Sub-net mask 2
S39Sub-net mask 3
S40Sub-net mask 4
S47Non-linear correction
S48Probe sensitivity (millivolts/EU)
S49Null position (EU)
S50Null position voltage
S51High probe failure voltage
S52High probe failure voltage
S53Spare real
S54Spare real
S55Spare real

Format for S4-S8

S4 Channel type

0 Vibration
1 Eccentricity
2 Thrust (rotor) position
3 Differential Expansion
4 Case expansion
5 Relative dual probe
6 Seismic dual probe
7 Absolute dual probe
8 Vibration of SMAX
9 Complementary position

S5 Probe type

0 Eddy current probe
2 Accelerometer
3 Pick-up in velocity
4 Piezoelectric velocity probe
6 Ramped eddy current
7 Complementary ramped eddy current

S6 Integration

(vibration/dual probe only)

0 None
1 Displacement velocity
2 Velocity acceleration
3 Displacement acceleration

S7 Block N

X0 Peak - peak
X1 Peak
X3 Average

S7 Block N+1

0X Dynamic
1X Minimum
2X Maximum
3X Average


Block Type Description
N+1 R Average voltage (DC/gap)
N+2 R Speed
N+3 R First order vibration in EU
N+4 R First order phase angle (degrees)
N+5 R Second order vibration in EU
N+6 R Second order phase angle (degrees)
N+7 R Third order vibration in EU
N+8 R Third order phase angle (degrees)
N+9 R Not first order vibration
N+10 R Alert
N+11 R Danger
N+12 R Module status