IOC/PIN: Pulse In/Channel [FC229]


Spec Description
S132-character channel label
S2Filtering / conversion type
S3Engineering units low value
S4Engineering units high value
S5Engineering units ID
S6High alarm limit value
S7Low alarm limit value
S8Significant change in EU
S9Alarm dead-band in EU
S10Expected channel low value (Hz, sec, cts)
S11Expected channel high value (Hz, sec, cts)
S12Engineering unit start value
S13Block address of reset
S14Block address of hold
S15Normal input/undefined:
0 = normal
1 = undefined
S16Override value
S17Override enable:
0 = disable
1 = enable
S18Block address of simulation value
S19Simulation enable: 0 = disable
1 = enable
S20Status error inhibit: 0 = no
1 = yes
S21Redundant input deviation limit
S23Foreign device configuration parameters
S25Block address of the next element of the foreign device
S26Spare integer
S27Spare real
S28Spare real
S29Spare real
S30Spare real
S31Spare integer
S32Spare integer


Block Type Description
N Real Pulse input value in EU.