M/A CBC: Batch Station (CBC) [FC181]


Spec Description
S1Batch I/O block
S2Loop 1 manual/auto station
S3Loop 2 manual/auto station
S4Output 1 device driver CO status
S5Output 2 device driver CO status
S6Auxiliary input 1
S7Auxiliary input 2
S8External alarm 1
S9External alarm 2
S10First ASCII string descriptor
S11Current step number
S12CBC station link address
S13Run/hold signal
S14Manual override lockout
S15Default mode of outputs
S16Executed stop (E-STOP) lockout
Display selection:
0 = step names
1 = set point
S18Last step number
S19Spare integer
S20Spare real
S21Spare real


Block Type Description
N Bit Hold/initialize
N+1 Real Initial step number
N+2 Real Recipe number
N+3 Bit Value of F1 key
N+4 Bit Value of F2 key
N+5 Bit Auxiliary switch 1
N+6 Bit Auxiliary switch 2
N+7 Bit Auxiliary switch 3
N+8 Bit Auxiliary switch 4
N+9 Bit Auxiliary switch 5
N+10 Bit Auxiliary switch 6
N+11 Bit Auxiliary switch 7
N+12 Bit Auxiliary switch 8
N+13 Bit ALARM ACK key indicator
N+14 Bit Alarm status
N+15 Real Reserved
N+16 Real Reserved