DAANG: Data Acquisition Analog [FC177]


Spec Description
S1EU high display reference
S2EU center display reference
S3EU low display reference
S4EU high constraint limit
S5EU low constraint limit
S6EU identifier
S7Spare real
S8Quality state override
S9Input select control
S10Real value input
S11Input shaping algorithm
S12Calculated value input
S13EU selected inserted value
S14Permit input select
S15Request exception report
S16Activate alarm suppression
S17High 1 alarm limit
S18Low 1 alarm limit
S19Deviation alarm reference value
S20Alarm control
S21EU high alarm deadband
S22EU high 3 alarm difference
S23EU high 2 alarm difference
S24EU high 1 fixed alarm value
S25EU low 1 fixed alarm value
S26EU low 2 alarm difference
S27EU low 3 alarm difference
S28EU low alarm deadband
S29EU deviation alarm limit
S30EU significant change to force exception report
S31Period for time based alarms (second)
S32EU high rate of change
S33EU low rate of change
S34Time sequence alarm count


Block Type Description
N Real Current value and status
N+1 Real Current extended status