INPOL: Interpolator [FC168]


Spec Description
S1Input (x)
S2Input (y)
S3X coordinate of Z11 (minimum)
S4Y coordinate of Z11 (maximum)
S5X coordinate of Z55 (maximum)
S6Y coordinate of Z55 (minimum)
S7Z11 value
S8Z12 value
S9Z13 value
S10Z14 value
S11Z15 value
S12Z21 value
S13Z22 value
S14Z23 value
S15Z24 value
S16Z25 value
S17Z31 value
S18Z32 value
S19Z33 value
S20Z34 value
S21Z35 value
S22Z41 value
S23Z42 value
S24Z43 value
S25Z44 value
S26Z45 value
S27Z51 value
S28Z52 value
S29Z53 value
S30Z54 value
S31Z55 value


Block Type Description
N Real Interpolated value
N+1 Bit Input status:
0 = good
1 = one or more inputs out of range