POLY: Polynomial [FC167]


Spec Description
S1Input (x)
S2Mantissa of H constant
S3Decimal exponent of H constant
S4Mantissa of G times X
S5Decimal exponent of G times X
S6Mantissa of F times X**2
S7Decimal exponent of F times X**2
S8Mantissa of E times X**3
S9Decimal exponent of E times X**3
S10Mantissa of D times X**4
S11Decimal exponent of D times X**4
S12Mantissa of C times X**5
S13Decimal exponent of C times X**5
S14Mantissa of B times X**6
S15Decimal exponent of B times X**6
S16Mantissa of A times X**7
S17Decimal exponent of A times X**7


Block Type Description
N Real Output is value of polynomial