Defining Blocks with External Sources and enabling live loop monitoring of those blocks

On the Tools menu, click Project Options and navigate to the Define Blocks With External Sources tab. This allows you to define groups of blocks as external (such as a PI system or a Honeywell system) to avoid irrelevant DBDOC_NO_SOURCE_.ERR messages.

Buildplus define blocks external.png

  1. Add configuraton with external sources, including a Description, then click Insert.
    • For an external loop:enter only a loop number
    • For an external PCU:enter loop and PCU numbers
    • For an external module:enter loop, PCU and module numbers
    • When only some blocks in a module are external:enter loop, PCU and loop numbers and a block range.
  2. The configuration with no source (external source) are listed in the "Current Configuration with no source" window.
  3. Additional external sources can be added the same way
  4. To indicate that live data can be fetched for an external block range, check the box beside the appropriate range in the list.
  5. To remove an entry from the list, select it and click Delete.
  6. To edit an entry, select it and click Edit.
    • While you are editing, the original entry is listed at the top.
    • Loop, PCU, Module, Blocks and Description can be edited, as well as live loop monitoring status.
    • To save your changes, click Apply

Buildplus edit blocks.png

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