Customizing your Hyperview home page settings

By clicking the Options Menu, the Properties for Hyperview window will open. Click the Home Button tab.

No tool options home button tab.png

Home Page Options: List of all documents which can be specified for either the Table of Contents or Topic home page. Those documents that are eligible for selection for the Table of Contents home page are prefaced with the No tool toc icon.png icon, while those valid for the Topic page will be shown with the No tool topic page icon.png icon. Click on the plus/minus sign beside the heading of interest to expand/collapse the treeview.

Simply click on a selection to set the Table of Contents or Topic home page accordingly.

No tool options home button tab 2.png

Current Selections: Displays which pages are currently specified for the Home button.

Reset Home Button Pages to Default: Check this option to restore the Home button pages to default settings - these would be the initial pages that Hyperview would open up with when run for the first time (the "classic" view).

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