Browsing to next topic in topic group

On the Go Menu, click Browse to Next Topic (shortcut B), or click the Tool next topic.jpg button on the toolbar.

Browse to Next Topic does the equivalent of clicking on the next topic in the current topic index (generally the current chapter of the Table of Contents, but there are others, such as the Tag Database and Function Code Index. Note that the topic index does not need to be displayed in order for Browse to Next Topic to work in this manner.

This function provides an easy way to walk through all topics in a particular category, for example all operator graphics, or all CAD sheets in a particular module.

Information-noshadow.png Note: There are two categories of index: use indexes, and topic indexes. The Link to Previous Index Entry and Link to Next Index Entry cause the next or previous item in the (currently visible) use index to be displayed, and is only enabled if the current index is a use index. The Browse to Next Topic and Browse to Previous Topic functions cause the next or previous topic in the topic index containing the current topic to be displayed, and is always enabled. This topic index may not be visible, but the result will be the same as if the next or previous topic in the the topic index had been clicked.

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